10 09/2014

mobile delelop framework

最后更新: Wed Sep 10 2014 12:39:11 GMT+0800

我只用过 jquery Mobile。太卡,不流畅。以后慢慢尝试其它框架。App Framework 文档少,难用。

jquery Mobile

jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets

App Framework

以前叫 jqMoby。 内置了 Zepto 和 qunit(就是 jquery 用的 单元测试)


基于 zepto 或者 jqeury 的插件库。

A Zepto/jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone,Android, iPod Touch, and other forward-thinking devices.

ZepTo js

一个类似 jquery 的轻型lib

Zepto is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers with a largely jQuery-compatible API. If you use jQuery, you already know how to use Zepto.

Sencha Touch

其实就是原来的 extjs

Sencha Touch, a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework, is the cornerstone of the Sencha HTML5 platform. Built for enabling world-class user experiences, Sencha Touch is the only framework that enables developers to build powerful apps that work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more.


The simplest way to build amazing mobile apps
Build native apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript
Native UI, push, analytics, login modules “out-of-the box”
Cloud build service, no need to setup Eclipse / Xcode
Update your app without re-submitting to the App Store
Open platform, extend with hooks, write native modules